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A Guide to Pruning Shrubs When homeowners say they are going to prune their shrubs, they frequently mean they are going to shear their shrubs. Although shearing has its uses in landscaping, it’s typically done for aesthetic motives and rarely leads to a healthier plant. Pruning on the other hand, if done accurately, makes the plant more healthy and shaped true to its natural shape. The right pruning consistently results in a more vigorous and healthy plant. Appropriate pruning also makes the shrub in its authentic shape, not formed into something it isn’t. Any pruning should start with any crossing or dead branches removal. Crossing branches are branches that grow crossing the interior or inward toward the shrub. These are of no use and will inhibit the growth of branches that are desired by shading the interior of the plant. When the dead and crossing branches have been rid of, you’ll need to determine which type of pruning the shrub needs: whether maintenance or rejuvenation pruning.
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Maintenance pruning is needed several times annually and calls for only removing unwanted branches to keep a natural shape. Search for long branches that appear out of place. Reach to the middle of the plant, when removing, and locate the point of natural branching. This is the area you ought to make the cut.
The Essentials of Services – 101
The cut should be allowing water to run off by being at a 45-degree angle. Make the cut at 1/4-inch above the bud node. The bud node is where new growth will begin, so select a node pointing in the direction of the growth that is desired. Settling upon a node pointed toward the middle of the plant can lead to a branch that is crossing. Rejuvenation pruning, on the other hand, should be carried out on older plants. As plants age, main branches or stems lose their vigor and start to become unproductive. Rejuvenation pruning means just what it says, it rejuvenates old plants by returning them to their previous energy and shape. There are two manners to try this, the less drastic and drastic one. Occasionally called renewal pruning, this severe pruning includes cutting the plant totally back to a height of between 6 to 12 inches. Since this might be very hard on a plant, it is not suitable for all shrubs, so talk with your local extension agent, nursery or do your own research. Time is also crucial with this sort of pruning as the plant will need time to recover. If the plant continues to be pretty vigorous, in the event the shrub cannot handle a radical cutback or in the event you intend to rejuvenate the shrub but nevertheless maintain its form, you’re able to do a long-term drastic rejuvenation. Adhering to these simple techniques will keep your shrubs healthy, vigorous and, if flowering shrubs, covered in flowers at all times.