The Circumstances Surrounding the Hiring of a New York City Workers Comp Lawyer

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Workers compensation is a fine idea. If everything worked as it should, it is the perfect plan to provide the necessary financial compensation a worker needs after being injured in a work-related accident. Unfortunately, the ideal nature of workers compensation insurance seldom reaches its potential. There are times where insurance carriers may have to pay out large sums of money, and this is typically where insurance carriers offer the most push back. It is also one of the main reasons why people are forced to retain the services of a New York City Workers Comp Lawyer.

While workers compensation insurance coverage is mandated in every state, it still remains a private insurance policy. This means insurance companies are looking to turn a profit on workers compensation insurance premiums. This profit can be put in jeopardy should an insurance company have to pay out a huge sum of money after a serious work-related accident.

In these cases, insurance companies may use a few methods to deny payment. The first is to question the validity of the injury. The second is to question the circumstances surrounding the injury. Many times, insurance companies will question whether the injury was purely due to a work-related task. In some cases, they will accuse the injured worker of negligence as the real cause of the accident and not work-related duties.

There are some instances where insurance companies refuse to pay. They may not offer a real reason for not paying but, in higher compensation cases, the reason is typically quite clear. The insurance company doesn’t want to pay out huge amounts of money.

When a person is faced with any of these situations, the services of a workers compensation attorney can be extremely helpful. These attorneys can contact insurance companies to request compensation. If the insurance company seems willing to discuss the matter, negotiations can help resolve the issue. Unfortunately, there are some very stubborn insurance companies and in order to resolve these situations, court action may be required.

If you’ve experienced a significant work-related injury and have received no compensation from a workers compensation insurance carrier, legal action may be required. It may be the only way to get the insurance company to act responsibly and pay what is needed to the injured party.