MRI Service Is Useful for Diagnosing Injuries After a Vehicle Collision

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Magnetic resonance imaging or image, commonly called MRI, is used after many types of incidents that cause injuries. Images produced by the equipment also help doctors diagnose illnesses, allowing them to find tumors and other hidden problems that are not as effectively discovered through X-rays or computed tomography (CT) scans.

This type of imaging performed at a facility such as Southwest Diagnostic Centers shows damage to soft tissues that include nerves, ligaments, muscles, and discs between vertebral bones. The imaging can be useful after a car accident, for instance, when the person is suffering from pain but it is unclear what is wrong.

Ruptured Disc

A spinal disc can rupture from its place between vertebral bones due to trauma, for instance. This explains why the patient is experiencing excruciating back pain even though X-rays do not indicate any bone fractures in the spinal area. The imaging supports the person’s need for ongoing consultations with a physician while the disc heals, which may be particularly important if there are any insurance claim denials. In fact, ruptured discs are one of the most common problems verified by this type of diagnostic technique.

Imaging During Pregnancy

After a car accident, magnetic resonance imaging may be the preferred way to evaluate a pregnant woman and her unborn child. Ultrasound technology usually is used for this purpose, but the images may not be clear enough to help the doctor be assured that nothing is wrong or, in contrast, to see whether an injury has occurred. This allows the doctor to advise the patient on necessary changes in care before the baby is born. As with ultrasound, MRIs do not use radiation, so they are safe for pregnant women.

Supporting a Legal Case

A person who has been in a vehicle collision may want the imaging done for documentation when filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit, but people generally cannot walk into a diagnostic center and demand this service. A doctor’s referral is nearly always necessary. An injured individual can make an appointment with a physician for evaluation, if he or she has not already done so after the accident, and see about having the imaging scheduled.