Common Symptoms and Causes of Arthritis

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Arthritis is becoming a lifestyle disease, and this makes it necessary to understand the condition. For starters, this is a condition that results in the inflammation of body joints. While it affects many joints at one given time, the condition can also affect a single joint. At the moment, doctors and scientists have established that there are over 100 types of arthritis. This means that each type of arthritis has its own method of treatment. However, studies and research have shown that there are two types of arthritis that are very common and they include rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Symptoms of arthritis

Arthritis symptoms don’t just manifest themselves in a single day. Instead, they develop as time goes by. However, there are some cases where the symptoms can appear at once. While the condition is very common for people above the age of 65, the disease has also become common to young adults, teens and even children. Research has also shown that the condition is more prevalent in women than men. At the same time, the condition is very common for people who are overweight. Check this link right here now for more information about arthritis.

Causes of arthritis

There is a connective tissue in the human body referred to as the cartilage. Other than been flexible, the cartilage is also firm. Its role in the human body is to absorb the shock and pressure to the joints when pressure is applied to them. As a result, the main role of the cartilage is to protect the joints of the human body. Where there is a reduction in the amount of cartilage that is available in the human body, arthritis is likely to manifest. In most cases, tear and wear especially under normal circumstances leads to osteoarthritis. Where there is an infection to the joint or injury, the cartilage is likely to break down. The possibility of the disease developing to rheumatoid arthritis becomes high if you come from a family with a history of the disease. The RA is another form of arthritis that can be very painful and life threatening. In most cases, this disease is caused by the immune system attacking your body tissues. What this attack does to the body is that it attacks the synovia. For starters, this is the body tissue that is responsible for producing a fluid that is responsible for nourishing the cartilage.

More symptoms of arthritis

Common symptoms of arthritis include swelling of the joint, joint stiffness as well as joint pain. At the end of the day, these conditions reduce your ability move. The skin around the joint may also become red. People suffering from arthritis will tell you that the condition becomes worse during the morning hours. Other symptoms may include feelings of tiredness, decreased appetite which is as a result of inflammation and anemic symptoms. This is an indication that your red blood cells count is on the decrease. As a result, you are likely to contact fever from time to time. Imaging scans are can be very effective in diagnosing the condition. This includes CT scans, MRI and X-ray scans.