A Well-Known Plastic Surgeon Takes to Twitter to Highlight a New Fat Reduction Treatment

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Losing weight is almost always difficult, and keeping it off can be even harder. Unfortunately, things become even more challenging as the years accumulate and the body’s metabolism slows down.

For quite a long time now, people have been interested in ways of getting rid of fat deposits in especially troublesome places. As a post linked from the Twitter page for Dr Zacharia details, a new type of procedure offers real hope.

Removing Fat with the Power and Focus of Laser Technology

Fat-removal techniques like liposuction have been around for many years, but all of them come with real drawbacks. A more modern take on the same basic idea uses a laser beam to get rid of particular fat deposits instead.

Dubbed “SculpSure,” and created by a company known as Cynosure, this new technology offers a number of advantages compared to the existing alternatives. Some of the most important of these include:

  • Speed. The concentrated energy that a laser beam can deliver turns out to be an excellent tool for fat removal. The average SculpSure treatment, according to studies conducted by the technology’s inventor, takes only around 25 minutes. Compared to the time required to have even a superficial liposuction procedure carried out, that makes for a significant improvement.
  • Effectiveness. Despite being so quick, SculpSure does an excellent job of removing fat. One session can reduce the fat accumulated in a particular spot by about a quarter, with results like these being difficult to obtain by any other means. As most parts of the body that tend to accumulate fat will benefit greatly from that level of reduction, this makes SculpSure one of the most productive treatments of all.
  • Safety. Just about any type of medical procedure will come with some amount of risk, but SculpSure has been proven to be especially safe. The non-invasive and highly controllable nature of the treatment means that patients can be confident of achieving their cosmetic goals with an absolute minimum of danger.

New Hope for Many Who Have Struggled to Shed Fat

With benefits like these making the procedure so attractive to so many, people all over are reporting that SculpSure has changed their bodies and lives for the better. Experienced professionals like Dr. Zacharia are ready to help even more patients experience such results.